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I was so annoyed at todays meeting. I mean in the beginning it started out all nice and structured, I thought that maybe we could get through a meeting w/o everyone bitting off everyone else's heads, or every one being interupted everytime they try to make a point. I just wish that people at the gsa meetings could be more considerate of other people's opinions and that there weren't alot of sub-conversations going on. I agree that we should be able to speak our minds, but we shouldn't cut off other people to do it, it's not polite. And then when people start to cut in everone just keeps getting louder and luoder until every semblance of order is ground to dust. The main thing that I wish to accomplice with this gsa is that we all have understanding and tolerance for each other, but if we can't understand, tolerate, or be courtious of one another, how can we expect others who are not part of the gsa to?
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